Women spanking and paddling men! Pictures of a man's ass getting paddled and spanked hard - bad boy

Hello there spanking lover,

Today's gallery is really a bit off-topic for Ass Spanking Galleries which has mostly naughty young women getting their firm asses spanked, but just for a bit of humor, or for those who LIKE this sort of thing, we're going to see some women this time spanking and paddling this bad boy's ASS.

The gallery comes from one of the most originally-named sites in the world, called Women Spanking Men (removes tongue from cheek) and features REAL femdom spanking and corporal punishment.

And I do mean REAL. One of the coolest things about Women Spanking Men is that the photos and videos are of REAL SPANKING SESSIONS that are open to the public! That is to say, you can ARRANGE a session and they will spank and paddle your freaking ass!

It looks like there are very busy though, also, realistically you have to live close to Denver, Colorado, USA if you wanna get your ass spanked and paddled by some beautiful women. (Unless you can get your girlfriend or wife to do it. ;-) ) Also, completely unrelated, they have a new Spanking Domme. Mrs. Burns. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Seriously though, the tour looks pretty cool with some sexy women gracing the front page looking rather stern, dressed in black outfits of course.

The pictures in this sample gallery I thought were pretty funny, as the ladies here are usually the ones getting their ass cheeks spanked and paddled RAW (they are feature models on Real Spankings as well as BiSpankings.com), but this time... hahaha... they are the ones administering the punishment! You can see from the large smiles on their faces that they are really enjoying spanking and paddling this man's ass!Women spanking and paddling men sample pictures
He's been a very bad boy and now must be PUNISHED!

Click here to enjoy this gallery, then if you live reasonably close to Denver, Colorado, why not visit the stern ladies of Women Spanking Men and get your man-ly ass spanked and paddled by some beautiful women?

Posted: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 01:58:26 -0500